Here's How I'm Protecting My Unborn Child- Actress Osas Ajibade Reveals

Nollywood actress, Osas Ajibade opened up to Genevieve magazine on how she’s protecting her unborn child and her mom’s superstitious beliefs.

The actress said,

“This is my first child and I do not want people’s opinions or judgement at this time. I want to take back that power from the public and enjoy my pregnancy with all its challenges. Unfortunately, I am aware that this is the industry I signed up for and people will always judge.

“It is a very sensitive period for us especially with my older sister passing away from malaria when she was with child. My mum is really protective and she is on board with my keeping this pregnancy a secret.”

When asked about how she’s protecting her unborn child, Osas said she’s following some Benin superstitions like putting a pin on her clothes.

“Losing a child is not easy on any parent so I understand why she is being protective. She even shared with me some Benin superstitions like putting a pin on my clothes to ward off evil and never telling anyone how far gone I am in my pregnancy and I am following her instructions to the letter. We know the culture we are in. Let’s be real, there are bad belle people out there so to protect this blessing we are going to enjoy this moment privately.”