The fight to decimate Boko Haram which has been on the success side might suffer a setback following revelation that the terrorists have established a radio station.

According to a report monitored by Daily Trust on the Hausa service of the Voice of America on Wednesday, June 15.

It was reported that residents in Tolkomari which is in the far northern part of Cameroon have confirmed that they now receive broadcast messages from the sect via the radio station on 96.8 fm.

The report said the radio station broadcasted propaganda news especially those that countered reports of victories from troops of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic against the insurgency. The radio station is suspected to be situated along the Nigeria-Cameroon border and investigation has commenced towards locating its exact location.

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The Cameroonian government is worried by this development and is in charge of putting an end to the propaganda tool.

This is because there is a strong possibility the terrorists could use the Radio station to also mobilise people into joining Boko Haram and also use it to warn their members of military operation in the region.

Source: NAIJ

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