How Beyonce and Jay Z Found Love Again After Claims The Rapper Cheated

Despite reports that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce, the couple have remained relatively tight-lipped on the state of their own marriage.

Speaking about their current relationship status, a source told E! News,

“Beyoncé and Jay are really working on their marriage. Jay is making time for Beyoncé and his family more overall,” “Beyoncé’s tour has brought Jay and Beyoncé very close. Jay has been by Beyoncé side during many of her shows so far.

“They went on a romantic boat ride and got to laugh and enjoy the day together. They are in such a happy place as a couple…Beyoncé and Jay have found love again and it’s very obvious to all the people around them,”

  1. both of them have shown and exhibited high level of maturity in handling their affairs in the face of the alleged infidelity