Nigerian Dance queen, Kaffy is celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband and Peter Okoye’s new artist, Papii J. Celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband today, the dancer shared a video showing her beautiful family and wrote the caption below alongside the video:

“Happy Anniversary babiiii!!!!!!
Wow what a journey it’s been and a lot has gone down
A lot found
A lot lost
A lot given
A lot taken
A lot said 
A lot done 
A lot learnt 
A lot absorbed
A lot discarded
A lot acknowledged
A lot sown
A lot reaped
A lot of ups 
A lot of downs 
A lot of pain
A lot of healing 
A lot of cursing
A lot of blessing
A lot of weakness
A lot of strength
Above it all I thank God that we are here to enjoy A lot More.
I love [email protected]

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Kaffy husband also shared the same video via his Instagram page..See caption for the video below..


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