Sarah Imoleaya, a female student of Bayero University Kano, has reportedly committed suicide, Daily Post reports.

The student at the department of Library Science in the institution’s faculty of Education, was said to have committed the said act after consuming an insecticide.

Unity FM Jos noted on Friday, that the late student left a note which was found in her handbag.

Sarah had reportedly gone to the faculty office to see if anything could be done about a particular course she reportedly had issues with, but it was reported that it was too late.

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Her bag was reportedly seen under the stairs in her faculty where her near lifeless body was also recovered alongside a suicide note.

“I will not apply for course suspension. My academics is all I live for. If I can’t get it right, F… K existence,” the note read.

Sarah was subsequently rushed to the hospital where she was said to have had her last breathe. Her mobile phone, charger, the suicide note and an insecticide container were among the materials found with the body.

Source: Daily Post

  1. The pressure d economy puts on students,is appalling. Albert Einstein failed his university exams but he didn’t end his life. We must persevere and not end our own life.God help us.amen.

  2. Late barr gani fawehinmi was a 3rd class graduate bt published d one and only law report which evn 1st class law graduates mk reference 2.its like ds lady doesn’t know dt hell exists?? Safe journey is all iv gt to say 2 u u try wella