ZVVV 1391
A concerned Samaritan who spotted this Youth Corper sleeping on a pedestrian bridge in Kubwa, Abuja – has called out to Nigerians to come to the aid of the young man. Although the unnamed Samaritan didn’t give full details of the corper’s plight – he said the graduate broke down and narrated his heart wrenching life story to him.

According to him, the Place of Primary Assignment he was posted to for his NYSC, rejected him. He had nowhere else to go but to sleep on the bridge.

Nigeria has truly failed us (both past and present leaders). The money meant to develop this country and help our youths, is what these lawmakers looted – leaving nothing for the common man. Basically in Nigeria, if your’e poor – you’re as good as dead.

  1. Our Youths of nowadays be using different trickish strategies in order to get help. As if Graduates use of placards around d streets is not enough. smh