7 Traditional Nigerian Stews You Can Cook Without Tomatoes

This scarcity is caused by the Tuta absoluta (tomato ebola) virus. This virus has decimated the tomato crops in the Northern part of Nigeria.

While Spaniards are busy pelting each other with tomatoes, Nigerians have to suffer eating rice and stew that looks like:



But instead of eating tomato stew, here are some other traditional Naija sauces you can make:

1. Banga soup (Ofe Akwu)


This is made from palm kernels. Meat, fish, pepper, and scent leaves are added. Banga can be eaten with rice or eba. Take your pick!

2. Ayamase (Ofada sauce)


Everyone is under the assumption that Ayamase is made from tomatoes. Au contraire! Ayamase is made from unripe pepper. Yes, blend green peppers and add to palm oil. Viola, a sauce to eat rice with is ready.

3. Garden egg sauce


Forget tomatoes, delve into the world of garden egg. It doesn’t require much. Just garden eggs, fish, palm oil, pepper, salt and whatever else that catches your fancy.

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