The Fool Thinks Being Born in Warri Can Stop You From Dinning With Kinds- RMD Reveals

Veteran Nollywood actor, RMD who’s in Scotland courtesy of Johnny Walker took to Instagram to share the above photo of himself rocking klit.

The actor captioned the photo with,

“I used to think dressing up to dinner was for the movies but here I am wearing a kilt for dinner, yet the fool thinks being born in a remote street in Warri can stop you from dinning with Kings, Queens, Presidents and even in Castles but know this: When you dream it, Stay in your lane and Never give up, then and only then can you be anything you want to be. Keep walking. #RMDSaysSo #progresswithjoy #DreamIt #WarriBoy #MadeInWarri #BlessedByGod #KeptByGrace”

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