Actor Funsho Adeolu Reacts To Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz's Failed Marriage

In a recent interiew, Yoruba actor, Funsho Adeoulu reacts to Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz’s failed marriage.

Funsho said Tee Billz shouldn’t have made those reckless allegations about his wife in public.

In his words,

“It’s unfortunate that people don’t know why they are getting married these days. It’s not possible for you to love somebody and then go to the public to shame him or her. For instance, it’s impossible for my wife and I to have an irreconcilable fight.

But God forbid, if that happens, it’s impossible for me to speak ill of her. Permit me to use this English, ‘I can never spoil her with my lips.’ It’s not possible. If you have a friend, that’s someone you don’t have a romantic relationship with, and you truly love him or her, you would find out that speaking ill of the person is your shame too.

So you just won’t do that. My point is that they were not genuinely in love from the start; or let me say maybe one of the two was not sincerely in love with the other. Tunji is a man, he shouldn’t have made those reckless allegations about his wife in public.

They say women are the makers of home but men are the head. Well, it’s late to cry over spilled milk. The deed is done and so much lessons have been learnt from their mess. Even if they come back together, I have fears for that marriage. Somebody is not true to himself or herself in that union. The number of divorce cases in our courts is alarming.”

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  1. God bless you big Bros Funsho exactly he went on instagram blasted tiwa at first I thought am dreaming at the end of the day he had no right too put her on blast like that

  2. Well spoken bro! Someone is actually lame n to be blamed in d marriage, thinking he can develop other for his own gain n completely forgetting about improving his own life. “Eni ba n sin oriolori ……” There is nothing as good as taking charge of one’s life, being focused n responsible. He can still start working on his own life.