I Wanted To Slap Myself After My Insensitive Post on Tiwa Savage- Freeze of Cool FM

Cool FM OAP, Freeze who took a jab at Tiwa Savage said he wanted to slap himself after his insensitive post on the singer.

According to him,

“I got off the phone with @tiwasavage last night and I felt deflated. I went to bed immediately after, but sleep was far from me. I tossed and turned all night without successfully getting one wink of sleep. The 45 minutes I spoke to her haunted me, and our conversation replayed itself over and over again.
She was so polite, a well brought up Yoruba lady who was visibly hurt, but not for once was she rude to me. Our conversation was mostly in Yoruba and I couldn’t help but notice that despite the fact that she wasn’t happy with my previous post, she still addressed me with the ‘e’ the Yoruba tribe employ, when speaking to older people. Her tone was calm and she passed her message across to me with the utmost courtesy, showcasing her pristine upbringing. I sensed pain in her voice and it was that pain that kept me up. Tiwa is a good woman, a strong woman. I could see that she still cared about TJ when she asked if I had spoken to him. I’m going to be 40 in a few days, and if there is anything I give myself credit for, it’s the fact that I am a good judge of character. What I felt when speaking to her was genuine. I wanted to slap myself for being bit insensitive in my last post but, I guess it’s too late for regrets now, it’s gone along with her interview and his posts, into the unforgiving archives of the Internet, never to be forgotten. As I started my drive towards @coolfmlagos this morning to preach on the gospel show #PraiseJam where I will be speaking till 11am, it occurred to me that we all have to stop blaming either party and focus on praying for both of them. T billz and Tiwa are both at a fragile state, and it is so unfortunate that this matter has been brought before a fanged public ready to tear us all up for their amusement. Like @official2baba said, don’t make jokes about a serious matter, instead, remember them in your prayers. I love you Tiwa, I love you Billz, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, GOD is your strength and he will see you through this!”

  1. Freeze that’s the more reason you should think before you talk. Also by virtue of the nature if your job, you are expected to be an impartial judge on issues and people so you can always earn a deserved respect.

  2. Freeze that’s the more reason you should think before you talk. Also by virtue of the nature of your job, you are expected to be an impartial judge on issues and people so you can always earn a deserved respect.

  3. U shuld acid bathe yourself. I ws so suprised at u too. Gud thing u’v com to ur senses though

  4. Pls try nd do the slapping very well because u deserve it. Next time think very well before coming out to speak on a social media.

  5. Probably just bcos u don’t have a mind of ur own. Obviously u now realise Tunji is loosing out so u are peaching tent to the winning side and trying to play safe. Nothing i detest as much as someone who can’t stand his ground!

  6. Slap ke? Na me wan cut that ur tongue. Daddy BREEZE attention seeker… Gerarahere mehnn u be usu (bat)

  7. Dats y u shouldn’t ve reacted immediately without hearing from Tiwa. Matters aren’t judged dat way, u hear from both parties bfr passing ur judgment

  8. is it bcos she’s repecting u abi,now u knw dat TJ is loosing abi,see let mi tell u next tym is beta u WOJU b4 u tlk rubbish out of ur mouth unless spiritual slap will meet u where ever u’re ok.ur frnd TJ said he wnted to commit sucide just bcos of d 45million he borrowed and culd nt refound dt was y he wnted 2 jump into d lagoon pls tell mi to do jump quickly bcos nobody cares ok,useless nd senseless fellow

  9. Too much igbo has blocked d functioning part of ur brain. U r jst an hypocrite. How u go vomit still go pack am chop? Mtchew! Tell ur bestie TJ…he’s a waste of space

  10. Freez you are one of the people dat makes jokes out of the matter, so insensitive in ur post, may b you wanted Tj to rule her career bf she can grant d interview

  11. He should have just done it anyway ihm brain don due for reset slap since! Even if the whole get opinion on the matter, his should certainly be in the footnote of the appendix section with his antecedents. #attentionseeker

  12. Mtshwwwww… Medicine after death.. Its been long u appeared on the media so i guess saying rubbish about tiwa was a ticket for u to get popular once again……. If u cant slap your self get someone to do it for u… U deserve it and more..

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  14. Thank God u realise ur mistake at first u are not leaving with them so u only hear say not witness any of the scenario so next time dont judge.

  15. I was really mad at you, the public never judged Tiwa rather you celebrities that did, especially you and Saint Charles Novia. She is our Diva nd we cherish her. Her interview was real bcos as a woman I saw pains in her eyes. Its never too late bcos with God all things are possible. That they came publicly to address themselves nd people showed concern was bcos they are both celebrities. May God help them.

  16. Guy, this has nothing to do bout age…I guess ur instinct malfunctions and this is where it leads u…campaign after election can be so stupid at times…to you and other asshole who want 2 raise accuses finger at dat poor lady should just mind ur fucking buz..if u have a sister let her go and marry dat thief and drug addict…tj u r disgrace 2 manhood!