Nicki Gordon has made a shocking revelation about his late girlfriend  Bobbi Kristina Brown who tragically died in July 2015. Nicki said Bobbi suffered a “couple of miscarriages” before her death.

The 25-year-old Nicki also disclosed that he and the aspiring actress were keen to start a family but “weren’t planning on it yet”.

He told Mailonline:  “We had a couple of miscarriages. We would have loved to have a kid but we weren’t planning on it yet and she was just such a young fragile person it took a toll on her. We wanted to get clean, settle down, get married, have kids.”

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And Nick has revealed the couple nearly spontaneously tied the knot one time but didn’t have time to wait the 30 minutes for a space at the courthouse.

“We nearly got married one time. We went to the courthouse but the line was too long and we had a family reunion to get to in Florida. I said, ‘Baby we got to hit the road.’ I wish I had just waited that 30 minutes and done it.
“She wanted to tell people we were married. She probably would have figured I had something to hide if I was like, ‘No let’s not do that.'”