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  1. 9s comment Dina. 4 dos of u sharin rubbish on fb abt anoda person personal lyf, am sure urz is evn more worst than derz

  2. ya no issue actually, she cn send him anywhr as long as he is not complaining bt by th end of th day sh controls th ‘remote control’.

  3. I wonder fr peoole oooh @Dina Oyono small statement they will take it hard as if the world will come to an end….. Celebrities sharing personal issues don turn wahala….Niger i hail ooooh

  4. if celebrity jst sneeze d tin go just enter news. Mtcheew i dnt care wat she does. U knw hw many times i dey pound 4 my dad in a week especially wey yam cheap? Dey tell me rubbish

  5. Na everything wey celebrity do una dey post? U for post wen she dey toilet dey shit or wen she dey fuck with ha husband. Mtcheeeeew!

  6. Abeg leave story, not that I care but d probs is that when people post things about d celebs is it by force 2 reply, respondin makes d person even look guilty ask linda ikeji-Wizkid saga, @tyms its best u dnt respond @ all jst let d story go. Pointers-If u guys take a very good look @ Omotola’s pics pounding yam u will knw its fake, probably it was her husband or domestic servant that was pounding d yam b4 she decided to take a quick shot 4 u guys out there.