Toyin Aimakhu's Se.x Urge is Very High- Ex Boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe

Toyin Aimakhu’s ex boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe said the actress’ sex urge is very high.

Seun said,

“I use to eat that small girl before she ever dreamt of acting, I introduced her to my friend that was how she found fame.”

“To be honest with you, I deflowered her long before she met that toy boy, mark my words,she will never settle because there is nothing you give her that will satisfy her.”

“I used yoyo bitter and every bitter herbs on the market but my performance never satisfy her. What else does she want from me. I have my life to live please let her go forever.”

Seun Egbegbe implicates his Brother as Police amends charges
  1. Why is everyone associated with this talented actress so stupid, childish and idiotic in character. Show me your friends…..

  2. If her sex urge is high, what is the big deal about it. Is she supposed to have low sex urge. Anyways she is the one that made u her friend.

  3. you madam toyin dont u have matured friends,y all this inmatured boys u move around with,abeg make una respect una self

  4. If you care to know, you are a poison substance in toyin’s life not a friend. when you are tired of running your mouth you get it stitch with needle and thread tall for nothing agbero.

  5. It’s bitterness that’s making him run his mouth. He’s angry she dumped him because he’s too razz and he’s retaliating by saying this nonsense. Instead of disgracing Toyin he’s disgracing himself by showing he’s a childish and uncouth fellow. Anyway I blame her for getting involved with such trash