Nigerian female singer, Aituaje Iruobe, known as Waje has never been one to exchange words with her fans on social media, but yesterday, the hitmaker was forced to address a hurting issue.

According to the singer, she shared a photo of her mother on Instagram and a follower said nasty things about how the older woman was as ‘ugly’ as her daughter, a comment that quite touched the singer.

“What happened to us?” Waje asked a few hours ago. “What happened to when paying a compliment didn’t mean weakness, what happened to respect and understanding boundaries?”

Celebrity bashing had become a favourite sport, and though many people ignore comments of this nature, stars like Kate Henshaw have sworn to clap back at any follower who has unkind things to say, and to always block them from having access to their page.

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Now, Waje is addressing hers through a emotional memo to all her fans. Read what she wrote:

Love covers a multitude of sin yet it’s so difficult for us,we have become a people so invested in bringing others down, laughing silently at misfortunes. Define wickedness……. What happened to us?what happened to when paying a compliment didn’t mean weakness, what happened to respect and understanding boundaries, I put up a pic of my mum to celebrate her and someone said she’s as ugly as you. Are we so desperate for attention that we light the fire that Will grill our souls to death, social media is now the place to show hate and some laugh and say its entertainment? Don’t forget! you sow yam na yam you go reap. Who is fooling WHO. Don’t let The devil use you to shine. Love !

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  1. Don’t let words of fans get to you or bring u down emotionally,tnk God u are proud of your mum doz who live fake life deny dere parents have seen it plenty of times…luv u dear live ur life#proudofmymum#

  2. I know is a lady that said that ….ladies are wickedly jealous to there fellows buh to me you are an #paragon,,in,,Beauty

  3. It hurts when childish people speak out nonsense but u cant blame them its in their nature…. Sweetie u are elegant, so as ur mum, u will remain the role model that u have always been… Losers time to stand aside…. Waje is the real deal

  4. As u celebrate ur mother dat is hw ur children will celebrate u cos u deserve to be celebrated keep on posting her pics u are proud of ur mother dat person dat make dat coment dnt even respect his mother nt to talk of being proud of her i love u waje

  5. I love that picture where u showed your mama, don’t mind the person ooo, na im stress be that. “A tree cannot make a forest”., “If any mama fine ooo or not every mama na special” may my own mummy’s soul rest in peace, I still miss her dearly. I am happy to be a mother and I thank God for making one. It is the Lord’s doing. Anyhow mama be…..1 legged, one eyed, fat or slim, dwarf or tall illiterate or educated, childless or not, so long any that woman is up to that age of having a child, married, divorced or a widow, for the fact that she’s a woman, “She is special in her own way”. Have a blessed weekend.