[Leak] Download Empire Season 2, Episode 12 as Lucious Finally murders son, Hakeem


Are you a vivid follower of the Empire Series? Then sorry to Burst your Bubbles! Hakeem’s journey on Empire’s series is done!

Reports say he’s quitting the Empire Series due to what he tag as “Personal Reasons”. It is no doubt that Hakeem Lyon played byBryshere Y. Gray is one of the most loved character in the series..

This is a leak video, and according to Top International Movie Media Site:

Angry and furious Lucious declared he will do anything to regain his power at Empire, his lil son Hakeem being the company’s CEO, Lucious showed the real devil in him and shot Hakeem.


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  1. No he did not!!! Don’t be ridiculous . The few episodes left of season 2 only started 2 days ago.