A Michigan man convicted of unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon broke into song at his sentencing hearing in a courtroom last Thursday, March 10.

Brian Earl Taylor, 21, sang “Sorry” in his minute-long song dedicated to the judge, his mother and his victim – with notes and words that sounded like Adele’s hit track “Hello”.


Bellow is the lyrics to the remix he sang in court.

Hello there, your honor. I want to say I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and I’ll try and be stronger in this life I chose, but I want you to know – that door, I closed.

“And your honor I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. To my mother, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. To the victim, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Yes, your honor, I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.”

Watch the video below…

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