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  1. Hey! Y she no wear veil or wetin dm call am sef. I tink hausa cover up accordin 2 dia koran, so, y dis 1 dy flunt her backside n oda part??

  2. Onebof the worst dressed celebrities please come let me style you and give you perfect makeup jare, abi you no Hausa wet deh cover body

  3. Dis one s dffrnt from hausa people bcous our religon not allaw all muslim to dress like dis not hausa anly,bt ol pple knw hausa for their kind of drss dey use 2 drss up n cover their hole body excpt who didnt obey what Allah n his messngr aks us 2 do,even cristanty ma their religon is prechng 2 dos dat drss lik dis,so dis halima is not act as hausa pple n she s nt obyng her islam,may Allah gyd her n us 2 d rytpth.

  4. Pls Try And Get A Good Stylist Cos Ur Dressing Code Is A Disgrace As A Celeb, U Cnt Match An Outfit