In a recent chat with RazzleDazzle, Edo State-born actress, Yvonne Jegede speaks on her relationship status and why she will never go into music. “Marriage is a gift from God to mankind, especially the man.

It’s the coming together of two good friends from different backgrounds. Even though a lot of people have abused it, I still love it. It is something I look forward to. It’s not just about money, companionship and fun, it’s about managing differences and embracing each other’s weaknesses positively. I am not married.

My mum taught me a whole lot about marriage,” she said. On when she will be getting married and if she has a man in her life, she said, “Yeah, sure, I have a man in my life. I have a relationship. Getting married for me is not something I can assure my fans is happening soon or not; but I will sure get married when God says it’s time.”

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The former face of African Queen also disclosed to RazzleDazzle, that contrary to reports, she is not going into music and also not producing her own movies. “No No! I am not going into music. I don’t know how to sing. I am also not producing any personal movie. I am working on other people’s projects,” she said.