Vector Expresses His Frustration With Boko Haram Attacks

Vector took to Instagram to express his frustration with constant Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria.

The rapper wrote,

Menh! The state can’t be this weak. I don’t care what anyone thinks, Some evil will be and are necessary. Nuke these assholes. A group of insurgent men and women cannot hold a whole country to ransom like this. There’s a democratic approach to this which i simply will sate as UTILITARIANISM. Whatever action that will bring happiness to the greater number is JUSTIFIABLE. Normative ethics you crazy government dummies.

The only reason why the whole sambisa isn’t BOMBED OUT is because of the girls that nothing (as being suggested) can be done for. Simple question is, are there more people dying now and are going to die later? Will the death toll reach and surpass 2hudred and thirty four? Has it already surpassed two hundred and thrty four? Are there really two hundred and thirty four girls in captivity? Are the girls going to be mentally EVER alright seeing that they are constantly probably being molested and raped? I repeat THAT IS IF THEY ARE REALLY IN CAPTIVITY! God #SAVE NIGERIA F*CK FOOD FOR THOUGHT, HAVE THIS BUFFET!

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