Whitekaftan Naeto C spoke to Punch in an interview recently. The rapper flashes back on how he used to sag and why he stopped it because it makes him look stupid.

“I think I grew up and realised it looked stupid. When I was a younger artiste, I did not care much about my image. But now that I am grown, I pay attention to my image because the people I perform for are my clients.”

He noted that he has grown past such way of life because he now has an image to protect and the kind of clients he now has.

“My client is a mature person who obviously can afford my services. You don’t want your client to see you as irresponsible because tomorrow, when you go to the same client for a business proposition, he would not take you seriously if you are sagging. The client would see you as immature and irresponsible. I think being mature and responsible made me stop sagging,”

he said.