In a recent interview with Vanguard, Mavin boss Don Jazzy reveals he has been single for over a year and also talks hope of getting married soon.

Read some excerpts from the interview below!

Does Don Jazzy have a girlfriend?

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

When last were you in a relationship?

“A year ago. I am on break now when it comes to a relationship.”

When do you think the time will be right to tie the knots?

“I might not even announce that I will be getting married. I don’t understand why you people think I will just come and announce that I will be getting married. I am not really that kind of person.”

You interact with a lot of people on social media, how do you sieve the people you interact with?

“Why should I sieve them? If they come correct, we will talk. If they don’t come correct, I move on. I have met a lot of people via the social media.”

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