World’s Tallest Man Dies At 26, Photos


The World’s tallest man, Pornchai Saosri,has died at the age of 26.

Pornchai Saosri, whose height measurement was a massive 8ft 8ins (269cm), died because of several illnesses as a result of his abnormal condition.

According to the Bangkok post, Pornchai was bedridden and being cared for by his father Saran, 60, his mother Mrs Woen, 56, and their 15-year-old granddaughter before his death.

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  1. I wonder what might be the lenght of his coffin then. But, i guess he’ll now rest “n” peace.

  2. Like some girls would only be interested in the length of his ‘thing’ now Rest in the bossom of whom/what you believed in(pray it’s Christ tho)

  3. Now I c why people do say sorry for the lost.. Dis is a tall lost meeeen. Ayiooooooo oooooo

  4. Dis is why people do say SORRY FOR THE LOST. dis is a tall lost meeeen. Ayiooooooo oooooo

  5. i believed death is final either will like it or not. I pray my his soul rest in perfect peace amen.

  6. Ofcourse I always know he won’t live long since the height is an abnomality,complications r bound to arise at anytime,anyways rip bro atleats u made gueness book of world record before u departed us,rip once again

  7. I wish you a long and lengthy heaven. In your next life, I guess you would plead with a God to give you a shorter height.


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