Chris Brown had, two days ago, taken to Twitter to warn his fans about new site TMZ’s desire to post a story about him that was fake.

Despite his tweets, the entertainment site still ran a Chris Brown story, with the theme being Chris Brown’s addiction to codeine.

Their story read:

    “Chris Brown’s friends and family are extremely worried about him, because they think he’s addicted to sizzurp.”
    “The latest evidence is this picture of Chris and some friends taken over the weekend at an L.A. pumpkin patch where Chris took his daughter, Royalty, to buy a pumpkin. You see Chris sitting on a bale of hay with a double-stacked red cup at his feet. Right behind him there’s another double cup.”

    “Chris’ friends and family are worried for several reasons. The problem has been getting worse over the last few weeks. They say he’s drinking sizzurp around Royalty and they’re worried he’ll lose custody.”

    “TMZ broke the story, during Chris’ custody battle he tested positive for codeine, but the judge gave him a pass because Chris had a prescription.”
    “This video shows Chris at a birthday party for Tyga’s son a few weeks ago, and you see him drinking from a double cup while riding a bike. You also see a guy carrying a bottle of codeine and soda, and it appears they’re mixing it in the parking lot … in broad daylight, at a kid’s party.”

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