In an exclusive interview , Actor Desmond Eliot reveals why he set a low profile with his Yoruba name “Sola” .

Read what he has to say below;

“I am born of a Yoruba father, my mother is an Igbo, I grew up in the north and my wife is from Akwa Ibom.”

The beauty of having a mixed background, is that it allowed him to appreciate different cultures and see everyone as the same even in our diversity.

“It is also helpful in the field of film making and acting that I choose.”

“From Sola Elliot to Desmond Elliot, they call me Sola at home, but I realized most producers then were from the east and I felt that using Sola could make things difficult. I didn’t really understand why I decided to use Desmond at that point.”

“It is not a stage name; it is my English name. That was how Sola Elliot changed to Desmond Eliot. If anyone calls me Sola now I know the person knows me from home, but if I hear the Desmond I know it is when I started acting.”

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  1. I am a fan of Desmond Elliott.I love his movies. My question is: As a legislator, will he still have time for acting?