Ruggedman Didn’t Sleep With Toni Payne- 9ice


Ruggedman Didn't Sleep With Toni Payne- 9ice9ice controversial hit track ‘Once Bitten’ claims Ruggedman slept with his ex-wife, Toni Payne.

Ever since the singer dropped the song, he has not been on good terms with Ruggedman and Toni Payne.

In a recent interview with TV, 9ice said Ruggedman did not sleep with Toni Payne and he won’t forgive the rapper.

According to him, “I can’t forgive Ruggedman if he does not apologise to me.” when asked about the offence the rapper committed, “He interfered in another man’s matter.” 9ice replied.

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The singer also said, “Ruggedman did not sleep with Toni Payne, he dares not do that, ” saying in Yoruba language that ‘Iyawo ole ni won ma ngba’, which loosely means ‘it is only a lazy man’s wife that can be snatched.’.

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