Lil Wayne Posts ‘R.I.P’ To Lamar Odom, While He’s Still Alive In Critical Condition



Lil Wayne and basketballer JR Smith posted individual “R.I.P” messages to Lamar Odom (who’s still very much alive, according to reports), on their social media accounts.

But despite being bombarded with messages from fans who called them out on their error, the pair have refused to delete their posts.

Lil Wayne only acknowledged his mistake by commenting “Woop” a few minutes after his R.I.P tweet. But still deosn’t want to delete the insensitive tweet.


This has left people wondering if the “inside story” being circulated “privately” about Lamar’s present condition is different from the story the media is reporting?

Read their tweets below:

lil-wayne-rip-lamar-odom lil-wayne-rip-lamar-odom-correction



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