Forget About Coming to My Concert- Ali Baba

Comedian Ali Baba will be holding his annual concert on January 1, 2016.

The comedian took to Instagram to warn artistes and comedians who will be performing at his concert on the dress code.

Ali Baba said if they can’t wear a dinner suit they should forget about the event.

Read what he wrote below.

“The year is grinding to our New Year Concert. And at the event #january1stConcert2015… We allowed comedians and artistes come on the stage without the accepted tuxedo or evening gown. EDI Lawani said, they were not informed early enough. In the #january1stConcert2016 event, we will be strict. The event is a class act. You either wear a dinner suit or forget about gracing our stage with your act. By this notice, we have given artistes and comedians performing, enough time to get fashion houses to clothe them. Now you have it in black and white… Tuxedo or forget performing at #january1stConcert2016. QED!!!”

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