Newly married TV personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has taken to Instagram to share a thankful message a week after marrying his wife, Cynthia in Anambra.

“Can’t believe it’s a week already… My wife (Yup! I’m actually married�) and I, are super thankful to every one of you who wished us well and marked what was a significant day in our love life with us. Thank you for every single comment/message sent via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, phone call, SMS, email and in person. Too bad we can’t say thanks to everyone individually. But please know that we really are grateful for all the support.”

An even bigger thank you goes to everyone who made it down to Neni, Anambra State to celebrate the day with us. We honestly can’t thank you enough. Just know that you’ve all made the journey worth it for us already. God bless you and grant all your heart desires.” he wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday.

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Ebuka’s wedding was well attended by her colleagues in media and TV.

“Onyeka and I are happy and in love and can only hope and pray that even happier days are ahead of us. By God’s grace, love will always win! Thank you once again.” he added.

Ebuka and Cynthia got married October 3rd in Anambra.

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