Terry G Says He Will Soon Become a Pastor

Terry G told Naij in a recent interview that he will soon become a pastor.

The singer said, “By God’s grace; it has been prophesied that God is going to use me to prophesy to multitudes, and I think I’m already doing that in a way, but when God calls me at the right time, I will go for it fully,”

“You need to put yourself in people’s shoes. When a preacher is preaching to you, and you already knew all what he was going to say, it might not sound interesting.” he added

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On stopping secular music, Terry said, “I think God knows why He chose a path for everybody because if you look at it, everybody has done gospel music at some point; it worked for some people, and didn’t work for some. That is because we have different purposes in life. I’m only doing this (secular music) temporarily.”

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