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  1. D blessings of God almighty, maketh riches n added no sorrows. May God continue 2 keep n bless ur union 4eva n eva amen.

  2. Mercy no want hear story of her husband with baby mama shaa,she just dey off load them to meet up her target.Is not easy marry a very rich man because as you no contribute in his riches,conditions go come too much so woman at dat point go dey try make house contain am.

  3. love the both so much look alike.i wish u a safe delivery. God blesss and guide you.

  4. Wish her a safe delivery in the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Saviour.. AMEN

  5. Keep the flag flying sis it’s only in Jesus market you can buy this gift I mean fruit of the womb.

  6. Mercy, Nwanyi Oma. Enjoy is only god o. May De Gud lord continue to bless ur home always ijn amen