Chelsea Midfielder, Mikel Obi is the proud father of two beautiful newborn girls who have been named Mia and Ava.

The names was disclosed by Mikel’s girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko.

She also revealed that their twin daughters were born five days ago on September 14, 2015.

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She shared the below photo and captioned:

It’s just been 5 days, but I already can’t imagine my life without you two #pooh3 #pooh4 our precious angels Mia and Ava.

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  1. Congratulations mikel 4 ur wife safely delivery. Am so much happy 4 u and ur dear wife long life and more blessings. Dnt mind pple tht ar talking rubbish about u.

    • Guy nofin concern mikel wi yr comment o if u like postrate fr ground bfr u post yr comment hm no go see am

  2. Mia and Eva is thy Russia Names why Munachiso and Chisomaga is thy Igbo Names Lolz! congrats Milk and Girlfriend #welcomeNewBornBabies

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  3. Huhuhummm y igbo names huhhh? obi wz born n grew up in northern part of naija so name dem hassana n hussaina huhuhummm lolzz! Congrat mah boy mikel! Bt try marry!!!

  4. Dis young man is ripe for marriage. He should feel free to get married to one of d alleged mothers of his children. These multiple relationships, if true, will not do his career any good. They come with lots of distractions.

  5. If he likes, he marry and if he doesn’t let him live alone, that’s non of my business. Who he help? Even ball wey he dey play for Nigeria, na free he dey play am? Make he gbess abeg.

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  9. Knack those girls better Igbo names like….Adaobi,Adanna……Ugonma,Olarchi. But you ought to have gotten married first oooo

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  11. for GODS sake how can somebody give birth to children outside marriage and still be celebrating?

  12. y should i congratulate u #mikiel obi for ahving a child out of wedlock cox u r not married as long as God and man is concern

  13. Mikel obi congrats yoruba say baba ibeji means daddy twin nigerian number one footballer achievement Cary go.

  14. Mikel obi congrats yoruba say baba ibeji means daddy twin nigerian number one footballer achievement Cary go.

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  16. Mikel congratulations oo, I dey feel u… Don’t mind the gibberish talkers, dem no Sabi life of a star…. Enjoy jooo, out of Wedlock koo, out of in lock ni, ask dem aw dem born dem too, isn’t it in secondary skool.. Anyway welcome Taiwo and kehinde