Soundcity Fires Back at P-square’s Manager

Soundcity Fires Back at P-square's Manager

On September 10, 2015, P-square‘s manager Jude Okoye took to Twitter to hit at Soundcity for not playing P-square videos.

Jude said his job is to make videos while the music channel’s job is to play them.

Soundcity took to Twitter to throw a jab at Jude Okoye.

See Soundcity’s response below.



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    • nd d reason is dat der is dis programe dat soundcity normally do every year.dey called most musicians nd dey went but wen dey invited psquare d reply psquare gave soundcity was dat dey will pay dem b4 dey can come

    • so dats d issh o nd since den dey dont play der songz instead psquare was condemning soundcity nd was telling fans not to follow or watch soundcity

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