IK Ogbonna's Wife Turns Life Coach

Sonia Morales, Wife of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has launched her inspirational blog.

Sonia who launched her blog on September 8, 2015 wrote:

“I decided on this blog so I can use all passion, love and energy that is growing inside of me to show you that whatever you ever wished for is available and possible. I will share some very spicy life experiences of mine (you won’t believe places my stubborn and wild nature took me to). I will introduce real, imperfect ME to you (no, I won’t have much of shame) and why? Because long ago I stopped believing in mistakes.”

“I will show you how you can benefit from the most stupid “mistakes ” and “wrong moves” you regret so hard. I will help you see that dark is actually preparation for light. I will help you recognize your ways,your own nature,your strengths and super powers. What I got for you is understanding, love and support.”

Sonia said her blog will feature posts on motherhood, pregnancy, life issues and more.

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