Chocolate City Rapper, Jesse Garba Abaga says he has not been to church in eight years.

In his words, “I have not been to church in eight years and this is the first time I am saying this.”

The 31 year-old was raised in the city of Jos, Plateau State by clergy parents, Pastor Chris G. Abaga, Founder, Chris Abaga Ministries and Mrs Lydia Abaga, a gospel artiste and counselor.

He waxed philosophical about his decision to stay away from Church; “Well, I think it is because I believe that education doesn’t only exist within the boundary of school, education is a separate thing on its own. Same way, God does not just exist only in religious institutions, He exist on His own.”

In a chat on Wednesday at Chocolate City office, Jesse explained further, “Growing up in church and all that…I have come to realize that a relationship with God is what is most important. Church might/ can be defined in so many other ways but as long as God and you is okay…whether you are a Buddhist or whatever. Yeah, I believe God exist but it is we human beings that take religion thing.”

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This confession should not come as a surprise to those who have keenly followed the career trajectory of the founder of the indie label, Jagz Nation whom some have described as a ‘rebel.’

The singer who has since returned to Chocolate City is due to release a third studio album entitled The Return Of The Gods this September.

  1. Ur life is in d hands of God ,do u ve any gud reason for dt ,u bata start goin to church Now is nt late ok ,God is a mercyful father.

  2. U can worship God in anywere. Me too i have nt been in church in 2mnths. But my heart is pure dan sarchet water. Pls dont judge him okay him