That Kanye is set to run for Presidency come 2020, is no longer news. If you missed it, read his statement here.

Opinions about his declaration has been flying everywhere and Barbados singer, Rihanna, is the latest to share her opinion.

She is not only happy about his declaration, Rihanna insists he would get her vote.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rihanna  said:

“I mean people are voting for [Donald] Trump. Who wouldn’t vote for Kanye?I got to see his speech and I’m really, really elated with it. His speech was incredible.”

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  1. U may nt be a problem but ur wife nobody ll want her as d 1st lady americans ll not allow dat to happen; plsss save urself from stress….

  2. Why tge 4** are you Nigerian hoes.beefing kanye?its not like you get to get-close to the election site in 2020…..#i will fly from wherever to vote in west in 2020?