10 Funny Photos Of Aisha Buhari Showing How Typical Nigerian Mothers React To Situations


The wife of the Nigerian President, Aisha Buhari is no doubt beautiful and caring. Judging by what is known of her so far.

Here are some of her photos which mirror the behaviour of the typical Nigerian mum.

1. That eye she gives to tell you to leave the room when she has guests over.


2. The face she makes when you ask her for something and she acts like she didn’t hear you.


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  1. Even in her funniest pictures, she still look simple yet soooooooooo beautiful. Its not about gathering all the expensive clothes in the world, its aboit how u comport urself, how u dignify yourself and how u rate yourself

  2. Mr Goodness, do you have a mother at all, you should respect her if you have one. What is the abuse for,anyway you were brought up this way no wonder.


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