Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo who welcomed her first son, Matthew, some months back is finally ready to get back on set.

The actress is getting ready for her return to the scene as she hits the ground running with some body building gimmicks in the gym .

She took to Instagram to show off her bare post baby belly.

She shared the picture with the caption that read thus;

“i have been delaying going back to working know the normal i will start tomorrow bla bla and the lord sent @chiomakpotha to me today to challenge me in a #fitFight since my son’s new ‘future girlfriend is involved in her challenge i decided to take my ass back to the gym i mean what kind of a mother will i be if i let her get away with ‘mouthing’ me off so chioma this picture is for YOU and i am very sure @k8henshaw didn’t say nothing about 3mins ‘tired’ UJ ….IT begins #1stDayBackAtTheGym #bringItOn”

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