South African Rappers, AKA and Casper Nyovest At War

Casper Nyovest claims AKA slapped him at a nightclub last night. The Doc Shebeleza crooner took to Twitter today, August 7, 2015, to share his story.

“So @akaworldwide comes up 2 my table in a club & slaps me. You’ll probably deny this like you always do but its fine. Just want u 2 know this.” he wrote.

A South African radio station YFM confirmed the report. According to YFM, AKA slapped the hell out of Casper.

The station wrote on Twitter “A representative from Cantare nightclub confirms on #RNTLive that the incident where CassperNyovest was allegedly slapped by AKA did happen.”

AKA said he didn’t do that and he will never slap Casper.

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According to him, “I need to clear the record. These are false allegations. I DID NOT slap the shit out of someone tonight. I do NOT condone violence.”

Casper Nyovest and AKA have been beefing each other for a while. They squashed their beef in December last year only for them to re-ignite their beef  once again a few months ago.

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