Fans Blast Amber Rose For Teaching Her Son Wrong Grammar


Fans Blast Amber Rose For Teaching Her Son Wrong GrammarAmber Rose has been under fire on Instagram for teaching her son the wrong grammar.

Rose shared a short clip on Instagram and later removed it after fans blasted her.

Amber asked her son, “Hey Sebastian, what’s the new word we learned this week?”

Sebastian replied “Conversate“.

Rose asked him what it meant and the little boy said “To engage in conversation.

Fans called her out after watching the video. They said she has been teaching her son wrong words and she’s a school dropout who doesn’t know anything.

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Amber was pissed at all the criticism on the platform and she fired back at them.

Amber said she knows ‘conversate’ is a slang, but what she can’t teach her kid are words like ‘fleek’,’turnt’ etc.

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