Comedian Baba De Baba Blasts Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz

Comedian Baba De Baba Blasts Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz

Comedian Baba De Baba took to social media to blast Tiwa Savage and her husband, Tee Billz.

Tiwa Savage who gave birth to her first son in July is yet to share a full photo of her child with the world.

The comedian is pissed at the couple for not showing their son to the world.

Read what the Baba wrote below.

Tiwa Savage Where Is The Head Of Your Baby?
I have told Nigerian celebrities to stop flaunting their private lives on social media but they refused because they want to copy the americans. You have forgotten that there are no witches in America.
I have not seen a marriage that was flaunted on social media that stood the test of time.. Even some wedding preparations that were flaunted on social media ended up not holding.. REASON being that the witches in their villages are now on Facebook, twitter and instagram so they don’t need to be flying up and down monitoring you, all they need is to subscribe BIS/data.
Our female celebrities publicize everything “baby bump, baby shower, bla bla bla”.. Organizing parties for an unborn baby.
When Tiwa gave birth she posted only the hand of the baby and there was no serious noise unlike when she was pregnant.
Today I saw a headline “Pictured~ TIWA SAVAGE’s husband steps out with their new baby”.. I was so excited hoping to see a complete baby. All I saw was her husband covering the baby and he brought out the hand again.
Chai!! Na by force to flaunt pikin?
Mrs Tiwa, if you are not proud of your baby, pls tell your husband to stop posting anything about him on social media and ignore journalists asking for pictures..
Good Morning
Baba De Baba

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  1. na true,I wonder oh,dont knw d why flauting there private life on social media.

  2. Hahahahahahahaaa well said no knw weda na only d baby hand she born.ds child sef na gold?? Mscheeeew

  3. Lwkmd ….. Me sef dey wonder y we no see d full pics of d pikin … And wen she get belle na so so complain she dey complain , today she go say her nose don big lyk #Donjazzy own, tommoro she go say make d pikin com out because her stature no make sence again …. Kilode , na rape dem rape u? … Anyways me lyk u buh post ur pikin full pics before i change my mind and if u no fit post am , no post part of him body again …. Case closed!