After being tricked into thinking she was going to die in a plane crash, Paris Hilton plans to sue the TV show behind it all. Lol!

Egyptian actor, Ramez Galal, who is the mastermind behind the prank show, Ramez in Control, persuaded the socialite and hotel heiress to do a tour of the city of Dubai in a small plane after she made an appearance at a new hotel opening.

The cruel and usual prank was staged to make Paris believe that her plane was going to crash. The butt-clenching moments has us even scared for her as you can see her start to cry hysterically when she realized what was happening.

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The horrifying experience has left Paris “totally freaked out,” a source tells TMZ. Unfortunately for Paris, flying from city to city is part of her job, so she can’t exactly be backing out of commitments because she’s scared of planes now. Because of this, Paris has been consulting her legal team and they believe she has a case due to “emotional distress,” the report claims.

She maintains that she and her crew knew nothing about the prank.

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