My Bank Account is Red- Muma Gee

Nigerian singer and politician, Muma Gee who contested in the 2015 elections under the platform of PDP for the post of House of Representatives told Punch that she’s broke.

Muma said she will recover from her brokeness and get back to politics again.

According to her, “I lost a lot of money. I am in red now but I know I will recover. All I know is that there was no election in my state. I don’t regret that I wanted to salvage the ruins in my community and liberate my people. It was just that somebody robbed us of the chances of doing that. If the people had the privilege to vote, I would be representing them by now. There was so much violence,”

“I have gone back to the studio. But then, I want to set up a spa/ salon. Apart from music, I love fashion. I am setting my hair line. But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about politics. I will certainly come back again in 2019,” she added.

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