Actress Laide Bakare Buys Self G-Wagon And Goes On A Shopping Spree
Nollywood(Yoruba) actress Laide Bakare recently went on a shopping spree in the busy streets of New York and was even given a glass of Champagne at Louis Vuitton because she was a regular…..
This shopping spree is coming shortly after the actress purchased the new G-Wagon 2015 model as a gift to herself for being ”a hard worker”.

The ‘source’ says that Laide After having a long holiday and a break from the movie industry in Nigeria went on the shopping spree because she was planning to return to Nigeria and the movies!(laidebakare)10499276_1461669730813764_2023932404_n (laidebakare)11325823_1591274181132644_39230026_n (laidebakare)11357553_898748313504405_2032072368_n (laidebakare)11381005_692056090921438_902s662243_n 

Credits :- StellaDimokokorkus

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