When close friends become enemies, then we need not be told that plenty things have gone wrong. We bring you list of celebrities who were once close but are no longer on good terms.

Genevieve And Kate Henshaw

List Of Top Celebrities Who Were Best Of Friends But Are Now Sworn Enemies...

These two actresses are some of the brightest stars in the Nigerian movie industry, but unfortunately, that’s where the similarity ends. The two pretty role-interpreters can best be described as sworn enemies.

Though not much is known about the cause of the bad blood between them, industry sources whisper that it has to do with comparison between the two as to who’s better in their chosen profession. When they meet at events, the two do not greet nor acknowledge each other; even when they sit on the same table; they act like the other doesn’t exist.

Kate played her first lead role in Nollywood in 1993, well before Genevieve who came into the industry in 1998. They are both also single mothers.

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