Angry Boyfriend Breaks Possessions In Half To Spite Ex-Girlfriend

A scorned German Boyfriend chopped almost everything he has into two to spite his girlfriend of twelve years.

The eBay user, “Der.Juli” sheared most of his expensive possessions including his car, Tv Set, iPhone5, and Apple Laptop, Set of Dining chairs among others into two.

He then reportedly sent his ex-girlfriend the other half of each item, while he’s listed his half of the goods for sale on eBay, with the broken car which is now available for less than £2, reports.

The German man also posted a YouTube video called ‘For Laura’ – which showed him sawing the items in two, with the caption:

‘Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half.’

He must really be hurting. No other sensible explanation.

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