Comedian Mandy Says She Will Not Sleep With Any Man For Money

Popular Nigerian female comedienne, Mandy Uzonicha better known as Mandy told Punch that she would never sleep with a man for money.

Mandy said ‘Oh yes I do. But because of my faith, what they want is not what I want from them. One of my toasters was on my neck the other time and I told him if I didn’t see a ring, then he should forget me. What he wanted was just my body and I wasn’t ready to give him that,’

The comedienne also said she does not feel lonely with her current status. In her words: “I don’t feel lonely. Strangely, there are so many things I am thinking about. Maybe if I had a boyfriend or man friend that I would be worried about, then I would worry. I don’t think about it, it is not in my mind. Maybe I should start thinking of a man. I see so many men with huge six packs,”