I Don't Think Any Man Can Handle Me Apart From My Husband- Omotola Jalade

In a recent interview with Vanguard, actress Omotola Jalade told the paper that no man can handle her apart from her hubby.

Vaguard asked her if she would have gotten married to another man later, has she not married her hubby early, Omotola said “I don’t think so, because I don’t think there is any man that can handle me apart from my husband. Not because I am a bad person, it is because I am a very strong personality. I can understand why a lot of female artistes find it very difficult to find the right person.

When you achieve some kind of success, you become really confused as to who really loves you for who you are. It’s not really easy, it is very hard finding those people who really love you. If you are not a very grounded person, you can also contribute in some kind of way to your own problems and so I might have contributed to my own problems.”