Either our men admit it or not, they absolutely desire flat tummy on their girls.

Speaking from experience, I was a size 14 with the kinda butt Jennifer Lopez is famous for. I had moved up from a size 8 and frankly speaking, I loved my shape till the football rounded tummy started poking up.

Many research till I got the body I could absolutely rock.
P.S I’m a size 10 now and my booty is more of Rihanna’s size now 🙂

Let’s get down to business and forget the whole storytelling 😉

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     1. You need to cut your food intake:
Food business is never to be joked with still you don’t have to take food proportions equal to your tummy size.

Limit your daily intake to small but nourishing proportions about four times daily.
Don’t skip breakfast or lunch totally as it makes u consume more during your next meal.

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  1. Dear Friend, Thanks for the tips, I think I’ll start keeping to it and see how it works. Regards. Ann.

  2. I like ua tips,i alwayz do most of them except for a few which i didn’t hav knowledge abt them,thanx very big.