10 Things Every Woman Needs To Be Happy

10 Things Every Woman Needs To Be Happy

Find the balance your busy life demands. Although today’s woman has more information than ever about how to live a happy, healthy life, frankly, it can be a little overwhelming to try and keep track of it all. Naturally, too much information makes us feel confused, overwhelmed, and over-saturated.

In fact, it’s easy for any woman to lose sight of her own authentic path and her most — what she requires to lead a satisfying and balanced life. Here is a list of what every woman needs to live a happy and well-balanced life:

1. Sex: Research shows that having an active sex life reduces depression and anxiety. Additionally, having sex increases self-esteem, reduces stress, increases quality of sleep, and boosts one’s overall immune system. Furthermore, when you reach orgasm, oxytocin (the bonding hormone) is released, and an amnesic effect takes over which can last for up to five hours. Not too shabby!