Peter Okoye Supports Emmanuel Adebayor Over Family Feud

Few hour after Togolese Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor took to his Facebook Page to share detailed explanations about his family feud/drama, a lot of people have stepped out to show the footballer their support.

Peter Okoye, who had Emmanuel Adebayor as one of his groomsmen during his traditional wedding, has also shown his support by posting on Instagram:

@e_adebayor thank you for sharing your story bro, that was very brave. Indeed as Africans,the pressure is always on the most successful in the family and it hurts when your efforts are not appreciated and belittled. Truth is, you owe no one. Your family should be proud of you and not condemn you. I’m so proud of you bro.Remain blessed

  1. Big bro please tender ur supplicatio n 2 God Almighty cos I alone is ur strenght, try to have fasting and prayer 4 @lest 7 days 6-6 4 seal of ur family God will CE u 2tru.